Jerry Palmer, Acoustic Multi-Instrumentalist: Bio

Jerry Palmer, Acoustic Multi-Instrumentalist

Music first began for Jerry when he was a teen with keyboards and flute. He quickly took to exploring his artistic elements while playing in various rock & roll and rhythm & blues bands. At the age of 23, he recorded his first album, Nightsong. Six tracks of this vinyl work included an eighty-piece orchestra. Al Perkins also played petal-steel guitar on the album while Jerry played flute and piano.

Originally from South Dakota, Jerry first moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 1983. Jerry was greatly impacted in 1985 when he went to his first Michael Hedges performance, where he witnessed a solo effort that was nothing less than spectacular. One week later, he purchased his first guitar. Meeting Michael Hedges and listening to him play really sent the message home for Jerry that the guitar was an instrument that could allow him the freedom that he so much desired as a performing soloist. Ten years later, Jerry found himself on stage as the opening act for Michael Hedges and also had the opportunity to perform with Michael as well. One year after his performance with Michael Hedges, Jerry released his first Debut CD, Blue Guitar; this album features Jerry as a solo guitar instrumentalist.

Nevada Winds was released in 2002, which is a collection of 12 guitar-based instrumental pieces. Jerry's most recent album is called Soul Gardener which is a skillful journey through fields of classical guitar, steel-string guitar and synthesyzer.

Jerry has also had the pleasure of performing with or opening for musicians such as Peppino DeAugistino, Ed Gerhard, Nathan Cavaliri, Stewart Weber, Renée Heredia and the harpest, Deborah Hensen.