Jerry Palmer, Acoustic Multi-Instrumentalist: Equipment

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Recording always begins with a musical idea and then the instruments are chosen to obtain the desired result. In hopes of splashing a broader variety of color on my music, I've chosen a few different guitars for my recordings. The guitars that I use are as follows:

For live use, I have chosen to select a different comination of internal pickups for each guitar. My Lowden uses a Sunrise and a Bluestick Schertler combination with a Raven IP2 Preamp plugged into a Mackie 1402 mixer. Plugged into the same Mackie 1402 mixer, my Breedlove uses a K&K Transducer into an Art preamp. The C Fox utilizes a Sunrise Highlander combination into a Raven IP2, again connected to the Mackie 1402 mixer. In my Larivée, I have chosen to use a split setup where a Sunrise and a Mini-Flex mic are connected to one jack, and a Highlander is connected to the other jack. With this system, I plug the Sunrise into a Symetrix preamp/parametric EQ and plug the Highlander into another symetrix preamp/parametric EQ. That feeds into a stereo band EQ (for fine tuning) and then into three separate channels of the mackie 1402 mixer; the mic has its own mixer channel. For Reverb, I use a Lexicon PCM91; my second Reverb is a Lexicon LXP1.

For recording, I use a DBX mic 387 preamp, two Neuman KM184's and a Neuman TLM103. I also record using my Sunrise pickup plugged into the Symetrix preamp. To obtain the high frequencies out, I only record the low end, otherwise I end up with a metallic sound that accompanies the use of magnetic pickups. I feed the Symetrix preamp into a FMF Compressor in order to get all of the sustain that I like when I really need it.

I really enjoy having flexibility when I record, so sometimes I will record to DAT and other times to my computer. My collection of recording equipment extends beyond what has been discussed here, however I have found that what is listed on this page is what works best for my style of recording.

My most recently built guitar is a 20 string harp guitar with four Highlander pickups; these come out of one XLR into four different preamps, which lead into a 1402 Mackie mixer.